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Are you coating the nail generously with shortening and then flour? I've used this method for years and my flower nails look almost new.
I made a large fbct last night a put it in the freezer to use today. There's a crack right through it and I'm not sure if I can/should try a repair or just make a whole new one (time is an issue). Anyone successfully repaired an fbct?
Make sure you grease and flour the nail, then place it in the centre of the pan upside down. Pour your batter around it in the pan. When the cake is done and turned out on the cooling rack, the flat surface will be sitting on top of your cake and you can just pop it out with a knife. It works really well.
It also helps to use the icer tip for covering the cupcakes rather than spreading dollops with a spatula. That way you aren't pushing on the cupcakes to move the icing around.~NottawaChelle
Two methods for moist cake:I always add a box of pudding plus an extra egg to the box mix. When the cake is cooled enough to turn out of the pan, I cover with a terry towel and put a plastic bag on top until completely cool and ready to ice.My friend who bakes awesome cakes lets her cake cool 10 - 15 minutes then wraps the cake tightly in aluminum foil and freezes it for at least an hour. Her chemistry lesson is this: hot + cold = moisture.Hope this helps,NottawaChelle
Sorry I don't have an answer for you since I've never uploaded a recipe. I'm just bumping you up . . . BUMP!
Love the style and chosen background colours. Your cakes are awesome too!
If you follow the Wilton buttercream recipe (1/2 C butter, 1/2 C shortening, 4C sifted icing sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla, 2 Tbsp milk) this makes what they would call 3 cups of stiff icing. To make medium consistency, add 1 tsp. water for each cup of icing (so add 3 tsp. to 3 cups of stiff icing to make medium consistency) and for thin icing add 2 tsp water for each cup of stiff icing.
bump.(sorry, hate to do that but I'd really like some help)
Make sure your google search is in "images." When I made a Betty Boop cake I found lots of pictures this way. Many are downloadable (is that a word?!) by right clicking on the image and using "save image as" Then you can resize using a photocopier or in your favourite picture software.Try searching the gallery here at Cake Central. There are quite a few Betty Boop cakes to give you ideas!
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