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I'm so glad someone asked this question. I have a wedding/reception thingy on Sunday and a really jam packed schedule this week. I was hoping I could bake the layers in advance and decorate on Sunday morning. Glad to know that is an option! Yay. I may even start some layers tonight!
Dale, Thank you SO much for that encouraging post. I'm sure it will help Mpitrelli very much, as it will help me with my boyfriend's cancer. He goes in today to get the 'prognosis' - they will be explaining the pathology report from his surgery and what's next in the fight. It really helped reading this before hand. THANKS!
where are you going to have the surgery? I didn't want to assume it before, but when you elaborated more, it sounds like it's cancer? My boyfriend Robin was just diagnosed with Stomach Cancer and had his stomach removed. They said the same thing, his health and his age are what helped him in the surgery. He's meeting an Oncologist tomorrow to get more info. We go to Moffitt, they are GREAT. Let me know if you need anything!
I hope you get some good news and that this mass is benign. *thinks good thoughts*I will keep you in my prayers.Do they have any clue as to what kind of mass it is? I live in the Tampa area, I see that you are in Largo. PLEASE let us know what they find out. If you need anything at all, please email me, I'm just over the bridge.
did anyone catch the nifty tools they were smoothing cakes with? I saw the metal one with the handle that is normally used for drywall. but two different people on there were smoothing with something else. almost looked like a rectangular piece of plastic with no handle. Did anyone happen to notice what that was?
In the spirit of wham, you could do a white sheet cake or a t-shirt shaped cake and write in big block letters "choose life". LOL it would be really simple.
i'm glad you posted this thread, I, too was wondering about this. My current instructor asked tuesday if I would like to teach the class. apparently she is moving in the next few months (she lives on base nearby). tuesday was only my first class in course 2. I'm glad to hear they work around your schedule. I work days at my regular job.i guess i need to fill out the online application.
i saw a few people mention heating cores for your cakes, and alternatives to them, like the rose nail, and the crumpled up foil. I can't seem to understand what this is all for. can someone explain this to me?
I just purchased silicone pastry/basting brushes because that's an issue with me, too. They seem to work pretty good. also, for shortening, I use my 'alton brown' plunger cup.
should the plastic wrap be right on top of the icing to keep air out or does it matter?
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