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cakesdivine...I used to have a 20qt Hobart and LOVED it! But right now I need a mixer and don't have the $1200 for one. But it is money well investedThanks for your feedback, I think the Cuisinart has won, and just an fyi it is on Amazon for $349 with free shipping and free food processor attachment till tomorrow!
Hi, I have a small cake business and mainly make cakes and such, but during the summer we make a LOT of sweet dough for a "cake" that is very popular in our area. I am looking to buy a new stand mixer, seeing that I burned up my old Kitchen Aid. I am looking for about a 6-7qt, and thinking in the range of $300-$400. If anyone could give their feedback I would greatly appreciate it (especially those who make a lot of cookies, or bread that would put extra strain on the...
So I have so many different recipes, is there any software that anyone would recomend to keep it all organized. Maybe something with a specific lean toward baking? I have seen some that run about $100, but I am not looking to spend that much money. Thanks Donna
What kind of icing would you use for an apple cake? I too am looking for a good wedding cake recipe that is apple? I was thinking something cinnamon, but not sure if cream cheese would be too much....what do you think?Thanks Donna
Malishka, don't worry about asking questions, I want to know too.Here is my recipe...12oz butter10oz shortening1/2 C Milk5Tbsp Karo Syrup4 oz coco3 tsp banillapinch salt3lbs powdered sugarCream butter, shortening, milk, and vanilla. Add 1 lb sugar, let mix, add coco, let mix, add the rest of the sugar, once incorporated add karo and beat for 10 min. It really is good, but I guess maybe it is the way I am icing the cakes. I use a spatula not a bench scraper...don't know...
So I have a great recipe for chocolate buttercream, it tastes wonderful...but... once I am done icing the cake it looks almost like it is marbled. There are dark and light streaks in the icing. Anyone know why? What can I do to keep it from doing that? Thanks Donna
I am going to start MASS PRODUCTION of gingerbread houses here soon, and I have a cutter set from last year, but I wasn't really happy with it. Does anyone know where I can get a decent cutter set. I have to make about 50 houses, and I REALLY don't want to use a template for all of them! Thanks so much Donna
Pizza boxes are perfect! Or a box that is 2 1/2" tall, they make them, you just have to look.
Has anyone ever used an acrylic heart cake topper? Here is the link to see the topper. am just not sure how this won't fall off the top of the cake. It is rather heavy. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks so much Donna
An instant decoration is an edible image. You could put his face on it, or really anything you can find on line. Also, and balls ie. soccer, baseballs, beach balls, tennis balls, basketballs. Hope that helps~ Donna
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