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This was my first attempt at a coach purse cake. This cake is 100% edible. hope everyone enjoys.
I was asked to do a website for the local newspaper for April 11. They are having an event for unveiling there new website It has to feed about 300 people. But I have been racking my brain with ideas. I thought maybe someone might have some ideas. Thanks for all your help in advancekgunn
I have been asked to do a wedding cake next weekend and they want the diamond pattern on the sides of this cake. I bought the press patemplet from kitchen kraft, but do I use buttercream frosting or fondant? If I use fondant how do I press the pattern in without using so much pressure I destroy the cake at the same time? Any help would be appreciative. Thankskgunn
This might be a stupid question but when people ask for a full sheet cake size cake. What exactly is the measurment of a sheet cake? Thankskgunn
I have to makes some roses for a wedding cake and I am making the roses out of fondant, I have been using to wilton gel colors, all I can find is the christmas red and burgandy, but it only makes either pink to a bit of red or more brownish red. I tried to paint them with red coloring but that just makes it to glossy and almost ceramic looking, any suggestions would be great thanks in advancekgunn
I have a gas stove, and use the heat from the pilot light in the oven to help dry out my pieces.kgunn
I have been decorating just over a year now, started around spring of last year. Easter cross cake was my first cake. I never took any classes, don't know if I ever will. It almost seems more fun and rewarding doing it on your own, with the help of the people at cc.kgunn
I ordered some dusting chalks from a wbsite for cake decorating. When I got them I relized they were not anything special, just basicly pastels from like an art department, of course they were non-toxic acid free. If I went to micheals and bough ordinary pastel chalks that were non-toxic would I be able to use them on cakes and decorations? Thanks in advancekgunn
I had started making cake for not yet a year, it will be a year in April. Well the cakes that I was making were three-d type cakes, when people started buying them from me, I did one to take to work, I work for a newspaper, I am a graphic artist. One of the editors emailed me about the cake (my basket of leaves cake) and wanted to do a story on me, So just before Christmas I had a full story on the front page of a section and some in the inside of the paper, I was happy...
when you covered the cake the rolled buttercream did you put down any buttercream frosting first like with fondant?
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