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I'm just starting to sell my cakes and I have a wedding cake to do in a few weeks. I just need to know how much will a round 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 cake feed? Thank you,Crystal
This is a horrible. I know you want your money back for your time and supplies you used, I would too, but you may need to just write this off as a lesson learned and so she doesn't spread bad things about you and your cakes all around town. I really agree with which ever way you handle it. Knowing me- I would sue her too.Hope this helps. I'm going to start keeping a contract too.
Why is it that everyone always wants cakes for free?! I would ask how much they have set aside for the cake too. I would NOT do it for free.
What is the recipe?
I deliver my cakes and I use my backseat. I just roll a bath towel or beach towel up to make the space level and use some of that no-skid shelf paper between the towel and my cake box.
Thank you so much. Yal are too kind. I'll have to load my pictures up on here too. Again- thank you for the support,Crystal
Hey everyone,I have been off this site for a long time. Some of you may remember my house burned down in Feb 06. I have been trying to get my life back together ever since. Slowly but surely, I have managed to start collecting some cake supplies. Also, a few people from this site even sent some things to help me get started. I have only done three cakes since I have had to "start over" I had started this site before my house fire and I have finally got a computer to...
I use It is pretty good with I what I need it for. I just post all my pictures of my cakes on there for people to look at. Also, about how to upload a picture on this web site. (Across the top) click on gallery and then in small un-bold writing it will say upload photos. Hope this helps.
Ok, Thanks. I bought some Lemon Juice. I don't think it is extract, but I will buy some. I hope it turns out good. Keep your fingers crossed and I will post a picture Wednesday.
Someone please answer- I HAVE to do this tonight and was just going to stay up until I got it right- but your tips would be so helpful.Thanks for asking this bonniecakes.
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