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My first bow on my second stacked cake. Thanks to the person who gave these great instructions. One thing I did forget to do the.... color the candy melts to match the color the the bow. I will post the cake. Green B-day cake...Sina
I have seen so many beautiful cakes that have been stacked without a border to cover the cardboad cake rounds that cakes are sitting on. I have only done two staced layer cakes and I don't know how to get around not having to create a boarder. Any advise?Thanks,Sina
Thanks Jackie!!!
I want to try your recipe and I have a few questions. Can I make it ahead of time and refridgerate it? Can a cake covered with this buttercream fondant be put in the fridge overnight? Can I put gumpaste flowers on top of it and let it sit overnight? Or will it bread down the flowers? Thanks,Sina
How do I make a gum paste rose? I went and bought the Wilton how-to make beautiful gumpaste flowers kit. I have been trying it all week and my rose looks nothing like the one in the book. I found a how to make a rose out of bubble gum and it looks better than the one I did with gum paste. My gum paste seems too floppy. I am thinking about buying the Wilton gum paste rose kit. Any suggestions?
Jackie, thanks for you advise. I baked the cake again following the recipe's mixing directions. Then I took your advise and baked it at 325 degrees. I did a 1/2 sheet cake for a birthday party yesterday and I was told the cake was moist and delicious. Thanks again...Sina
Does anyone have a moist yellow cake recipe from scratch. I have tried so many over the years and I have yet to find one that is moist enough. This week a tried one from the Epicurous website. It was made with buttermilk. It was moist and tasted good, but there was a tiny thin line through the midder of the cake layers that was not quite cooked. I tried it twice and I even left it in longer the second time (45 minutes). The toothpick come out clean each time. I am...
Thanks ladies. I will try the piping gel technique tonight. You all are wonderful.Sina
My writing is terrible. How do I get professional looking writing on my cakes? Anyone have any methods to share?
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