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My soon to be 4 year old daughter, just told me she wants the little mermaid cake instead of the princess cake she has been talking about for weeks. I just bought the Cinderella cake pan this past Friday. Today she says she wants the Little Mermaid Cake. Does anyone have one they want to sell?
I just tried my first batch of MM fondant and when I put in on the cake some spots are a little cracked. How can I smooth them out while on the cake? I have tried putting a hot spatula on and tried smoothing with the fondant smoother. What am I doing wrong? Please help....
Thanks Lisa and Veejaytx. Yes Lisa, I thought I could cut the recipe in half and fill two 6 inch. You are right, not enough batter. My recipe is about 5 1/2 to 6 cups. Thanks for responding ladies. Momof3jotynjake, I will post my red velvet cake on this website. Thanks again for everyon's help.
I am doing the cake(s) for a co-worker's bridal shower next month. She loves my Red Velvett cake, so I plan to do a 2 layer10in/6in RV. Then I would like to do maybe two to three six inch cakes in different flavors. If I cut a regular 2 layer cake recipe in half for two six inch cake pans, will it bake properly, and will that be enough batter? Has anyone ever done this?
Thank, peacockplace. I have sent you a private message with my email address. Thanks again
I did some research and this is the best I could find. Use the following link. You have to look at the instructions for the center of the flowers.
I have not been on the boards for a few months. 3yr old keeps me busy . I want to do a bridal shower cake next month with fondant ribbon roses. Does anyone have any instructions?
Thank you ladies for your responses. I will get a fondant smoother. Hello Dawn. Remember me? I used you frozen buttercream transfer a few times and I love how it works. I love all the turtorials you have shared. I wish others were willing to share as you ladies do. I just love to learn different techniques so I can wow my family and friends. I only bake cakes as I hobby, but I love when my cakes look somewhat professional.
Can someone please tell me how they get the top and edges of their cakes so crisp and straight (buttercream frosting)? Is there a trick or some sort of tool used? Maria Short of Creative pastries has many beautiful cakes in this gallery and the tops and edges of her cakes are perfect. I hope she is willing to share her technique.
Thanks ladies for you replies. Sina
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