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Have an order for 100 cupcakes and need some molds for the decorations. Need one for a microphone, a disco ball, a machine gun, a war helmet, a liquor barrel, and a couple of others. Where is the best place to get these? The order is needed in three weeks. HELP! PLEASE!
I have an order for 200 cupcakes with a vages theme. I have made dice out of chocolate clay and now need to know the best way to color in the number indentions. I have tried writing pens. They don't work so well on chocolate. If I use color gel will it dry and will it bleed into the frosting on the cupcakes?
The apple is covered with red mmf. can I use the luster dust then steam it?
I am making a New Moon Cake and need to know how to make my apple have some depth and shine. I did look it up in here. I am not sure what gum arabic is and if i can get it where i live. I don't have time to order it. I don't have a steamer either. Can anyone give me any idea? Thank you all so much.
I made a cake last week and put fresh strawberries between the layers and it was fine. I did this on saturday afternoon for sunday and did refridge it over night. So go ahead it should be fine.
Have a question for you guys. I need a 17x17 or 18x18 square styrofoam cake base. Can't find one anywhere. My eyes hurt from looking at the puter for so long! Does anyone know where I can get one. Have looked all over town for one too. Am doing my nephews wedding cake in July. Am running out of time. Please help!
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