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UPAT2am, I wasn't thinking about this but was reading posts and found it. That is GREAT information and something I will remember to use if I make a beach, underwater cake. Love your cake with that!
K8memphis, I like the idea of adding the flavoring. How much should I add? Do I add it and then make the consistency that I want? Thank you is a funny sick cake but it is my favorite one I did for a birthday cake(they DID love it)
P.S. I will use your pricing formula for Murals. Again, thank you so much for the information and input .
Thank you Jason_Kraft,   I read your link for pricing.. very informative. No , money isn't my goal. I've really thought about this and I figured that why I ask for some items for the cakes IS to keep my supply up, from what I would use for making the cake. I do make allot of cakes, food for free unless I need something that I can't afford. Example: I made about 70 Kraught burgers for someone and only asked for certain items to make them. I feel so bad, Felling Like...
P.S I didn't charge for the was for a friend. But I did do a door and asked only for the gas and charged 100 for it. I need help on what to charge for things like that. Any advice ? I know that murals have nothing to do with cakes but I feel that I am doing the same for the murals as I do for the cakes. Thank you again.
Hello, Thank you for the input. I just do the occasional cakes here and I didn't think that it would be the same when I ask for some of the items I need. This one I asked for the ingredients : cake mix's ( which I tweak to with my own supplies I have in the house to make it a richer cake , unless they want scratch, which I ask for the butter....butter is about $5 here) I also asked for eggs and icing ingredients unless I have enough. I gave the fondant for free( it's...
Hello, May be a silly question, As my profile says I live in a small town and not much $$$ to go around sometimes. I try to help with the cost so ask them if they supply the ingredients I will give them a cheap price. Some people can more than afford it but they don't but they want to pay what the less fortunate ones.  What should I do when they balk? Ever one knows  everything here in 5 minutes.
I'm so in shock! Secetagentcakebaker..I watched the video.Necessity is the mother of invention! Just the neatest thing I have seen! Thank you all
What an idea! Limited money here and this will help tons, besides the clean up. Thank you all for the information.I will try it next time I do it. P.S. maybe a silly question but can I use that when making roses and flow?
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