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Thanks moydear77!!!
I will have to try this! Thanks for all your help!!!!
This is soooo weird that you posted this today..I haven't been on often but I happen to be browsing through the forum tonight and saw a cake almost identical to one of my first posts, as someones avatar. Sooo of course I had to look at her photos and no mention of thanking anyone. I realize posting on here is a free-for-all but a quick mention of a thanks would be greatly appreciated.. I spent hours on that cake!!!! And there were hardly any posts of the idea before mine. ...
Do the SMBC and the IMBC crust?
Those are great! Job well done!!
Does anyone have a recipe for the whipped icing that you can get on grocery store cakes? I've been asked for this and tried a few recipes, just none taste like theres.
I've never tried any fillings but these all sound soooo good! I can't wait to try them!
Very Cute cupcakes!
This cake is gorgeous! You should be so proud!!
How long have you been doing this??? You are sooo talented!!!!!!! What do you use for your boards? I like the thickness of them!
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