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I use corsage pins too. But I also spray my ribbon lightly with Pam so that the grease doesn't leave the ribbon splotchy with grease spots. This way, the grease is intentional and evenly distributed. Works great everytime.Just warn the cake recpient that there is a pin in the cake.
I'm a Pilsbury girl all the way. They have a great strawberry cake!
The first time I made it in a bundt pan, but I have used it a few times in regular cake pans that I later used in my stacked, decorated cakes. So it works either way!
This recipe is incredible and so easy. It's called "Too Much Chocolate Cake." It's worth a's a family favorite of ours for sure!
I totally think that could work. Just make sure you use dowel rods to hold up that top tier of brownies since I imagine it would be a heavy cake. Sounds delicious.
Me too!
Or you could do a cake with 4 different squares and on each one you could have a different charachter. Take a look at a couple of my cakes to see what I am talking about...'s so eazy to achieve this look, and I think it is so unique. Hope this can help create new ideas for you. Good luck!
You cut thin strips of fondant and then wrap it around a dowel rod (or pencil) and let it dry. Once it's dry it will keep it's shape.Hope that helps.
I always take a plastic fork and break out the two middle prongs and use it that way. It works great!
My thoughts exactly!
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