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Hi! Looking for a moist chocolaty cake like a devil's food cale where is not dense. Made with butter, softened or melted, instead of oil. Does anyone have one they are willing to share, please? Thank you
Hi! Im looking for a 1-2-3-4 cake recipe or similar that you could add or substitute to a "base" recipe to make a chocolate, strawberry, etc. batters. Like a basic batter you can modify to different flavors. Thank you
Thank you
Thank you for your reply! Sounds delish!! I love the idea of the topping! I add a box of pudding, drained pineapple, flaked coconut and chopped cherries as well to the cake batter. I only have regular white rum now. But for next time will try with the coconut rum (i likedo Parrot Bay better than the Bacardi coconut). Thanks again! Could you please tell me the amounts you use for the pecans, coconut, brown sugar and flour? Thanks
Making the Bacardi rum cake but sub coconut cake mix for the yellow cake mix. Need ideas for the pudding tbat is added (cocnut instead of vanilla)? Glaze is butter, water, sugar & the rum. Sbould i sub cream of coconut for tbe butter or water in the glaze? I would appreciate any input. Thank you!
Than u for sharing.....sounds awesome.
Does anyone have the recipe with the variarions? If so could you please share? I misplaced mine.Thank you.
Gracias por sus ideas
Hola! Tengo una orden para un bizcocho con ron y almendras. Mi pregunta es que yo hago los cakes mojados con almivar de ron. Para añadirle el sabor a almendra estaba pensando añadirle pasta de almendra (la que venden que parece una pasta) y añadirle un poco a la masa del cake antes de hornearlo. Que creen? Tambien existe mazapan? Alguien a usado esto antes o me pueden dar ideas? Gracias......Naty
Than you got the link about the new cottage law
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