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aligotmatt- I rent a kitchen and the bride changed the date. It did not appear to be a problem but then there were factors that were interfering with that time. Bad thing about renting is you don't always have control...
Thank you, everyone. You are exactly right, aswartzw, she is annoyed and I HATE IT!!! Her emails are civil but very edgy. I offered to get some names for her and in her last email, she said that she already found someone else...and was disappointed that she had not heard back from me yet. I told her Friday and it is Sunday....Oh, well. Maybe a good sign I am not involved anymore! Thanks again. That was hard and I appreciate your help!
Thank you, costumeczar. We are on the same wave. I have already started contacting people but I had never thought of asking to honor my price. That would be good. Thanks!
I need to back out of a wedding. The contract and deposit has been signed and paid. The wedding is still seven months out. I need a closing "statement". Do I say good luck with your plans? To me that sounds bad since I have to back out. I plan to have a list of other bakers, do I just say here is the list, Good luck? Thanks!
Yes I noticed but used some tonight and it was fine.
good point, all4cake! She is open on the price. I rent a kitchen and it will be free for this group. How would I show love without I heart you. Maybe just use those colors? Love one another...
I know the woman wants a stacked cake. It is for 70 people. BTW she said, "I was watching Ace of Cakes"...." use your imagination".
This cake request is for a group of low income women. The group is called Women of Hope and those in charge want a cake around Valentine that would be magnificent. I do not want to make it a love theme since not all of them may have significant others or may have had abuse. Any ideas?
Thanks ceshell!
What is WBH?
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