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Okay so I searched and found nothing to help me here. So maybe someone out there can help me. A freind of a friend asked me to make 30 cookies Pac Man theme for school b day. I live in NY and most places sell cookies by the pound. Can anyone give me some guide lines on pricing? Thank You And Enjoy The rest of Your WeekAudrey
Has anyone froze a cookie cake? I need to make a few of them and would like to make them and freeze them then day of decorate them. Just wasa wondering if that would be ok?Thanks Audrey
ANYONE out ther that could help me with an easy idea other than a book to make for my daughters reading olympics night? I wanted to do something with cupcakes as it would be easier for the kids to eat,but I can't come up with anything exciting. If you have anyting please let me know ASAP as it is Friday.....THANKS SO MUCH Keeping my fingers crossed......
In the wilton cake decorating mag. 2000 On the front cover is a cake has anyone done this but in a square shape?If so could you send me a pic. I am having a hard time visualizing this square for some reason( I think i am burnt out actually!) and if you have any hints on the fondat decorations please let me know it would be greatly appreciated..I need this cake done for sunday....thanks so much & have a nice weekend everyone
plbennett_8 do you think you couls shrink wrap cookies with this one?Audrey
HI,Does anyone have ideas on how to attach a tag if I shrink wrap a cookie? These are for fund raisers a a tag has to be attached. I do like the look of the shrink wrap instead of just in a bag..I am going to try and attach the 2 pics and ANY IDEAS would be GREATLY APPRECIATEDTHANK YOU Audrey
I made butter cream icing for a cake and I had a ton left over and I have to do cookies can I make this icing into royal icing by just adding meguine powder? Hope someone out there can help..have a nice weekend audrey
We just moved & during our move I had to turn down 6 people to do cakes/cookies for them...Now we are finally settled and I was wondering if I should send out a general email or mail a flyer to people on my list letting them know I am good to go? What do you all think? Maybe you have some better idea???
HAs anyone done a crossword on top of a cookie cake? I was wondering how it would look as the cookie cake is a cirlcle? Silly question I know but I am at a loss on what to make my father for his b day. He doens't like cake but likes cookies...thanks
Wendoger~ Just looking for a warning,nope there not lemon cookies with peanuts.yankeegal ~~Ahhhhhhhhh Thanks what I have been looking for..THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP...
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