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I don't need white, just good. :)
Has anybody ever used butter flavored Crisco in this recipe? I thought I had regular, but I don't and I'm not going back out tonight. I was just wondering the flavor results. I would also take a recommendation for a good all butter recipe. Thanks ahead of time! :)
or pop tops. :)
Thanks!! Yes, very similar. At least now I know what terms to use when I am searching for them. Look like they are called lay ons? Thanks again!
I swear I have checked every supply website out there, but I am unable to find the plastic pumpkin that is on the cake in the picture (that one is from a Sam's cake I snagged at a recent party I attended). I'm looking for any plastic holiday pieces like that, not necessarily the pumpkin. Where do I find these and what are they callled? Thanks ahead of time!! :)      
I apologize if this is already on here, but I couldn't find anything when searching. I'm wrapping a BC frosted cake with ribbon (well, for border) this weekend which I have never done before. Do I just seal it with a pin? Also, does the ribbon pick up grease from the BC? Thanks ahead of time! I know y'all will come thru for me!
Ugh, my oven is broken and GE can't get here until the 17th. Fabulous timing! Can I bake cookies in the toaster oven? It's a smaller unit, NOT the one that will hold a 12 inch pizza. Thanks for any input!
Darn Good Chocolate Cake always brings in the compliments!
darn good chocolate cake in the recipe section. use only 3 eggs and it will be pretty durable. always brings lots of compliments!
My KA is one of my pride and joys, I wouldn't dream of hiding it under a cover.
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