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Candy buffet starts at $4 per person...that's for regular candies...if they want the color theme candy or personalized bags, it's extra. I am not sure how my assistant figures the amount that we need...I let her handle that part
15 miles east of Longview....I live in Longview and most custom designers here charge around $5.00 per serving to $5.50 per serving IF it is fondant. So this must be close to Marshall??? Or Beckville???Several of the Longview/East Texas designers can be found online....some have delivery charges that are as much as $1.00 per mile both ways. Some have flat fees as I do. Sounds like your friend really didn't do her homework as far as checking out all the designers in...
You can't go wrong with an airbrush from Geraldine Randlesome. I think her website is Creative Cutters.
Leah_s--I ordered the SPS from Oasis. Used them for 2 weddings this weekend and NEVER using anything else! was a breeze and stressless! Thanks girl!
Check out edited to provide working link.)The towers are heavy duty cardboard but very sturdy. They can be spray painted or covered with paper. Economical--about $35.00 for the original cupcake tree (or $25.00 each if you purchase 3).LOVE THEM!
I am the last one!
What happened to ALL the magazine threads from March and April?????
The ONLY time I have frozen a decorated cake for a wedding was when the caterer who ordered the cake, told me the wrong date. This was the SAME caterer that used to pick up cakes he had ordered and deliver them, telling them he had decorated them.
Well, I actually had a bride contact me last week on the 6th for a wedding today 4-16th, so lots of brides do wait until the last minute.
PattyCakes--that is exactly as I have frozen fondant cakes in the past and they come out just fine.
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