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Thanks everyone. I put icing then the icing dam and then the strawberries. Then I smashed a few and mixed in a little sugar. I think it wil be ok but I will let you know how it turnes out. Thanks again!!!!
I am also the Maid of Honor so I can't wait till any time sooner because I am doing sooooooo much else. I can't even deliver the cake. I guess I am just going to have to put a layer of buttercream down then the strawberries on top and hope for the best.
yes it is in the cake . It is Lemon and she wants strawberry in between. I will also have a layer with lemon curd in it. When I did the sample cake for her I did lemon curd and strawberries on top of the curd, but she said it was to sweet for her. So this time I was going to just do one layer with lemon curde and the rest with strawberries.
Making sisters wedding cake and she wants fresh strawberries!!!! If I cut them and put them in the cake tonight when we eat them on Sunday will they be OK? It will be in the refridg. till then but I don't want the withered or brown? What should I do? Will they bo OK? Is there anything I should pour over them to help them keep? Desperate!!!!!
I need to make the icing a wine color. Ant secrets to get the perfect color?
Thanks guys I have decided to go another way with the decorations. But it is good to know about walmart.
brown over a double boiler? It has been over an hour. Getting real tired!!
on a sheet for me to use in a cake?
I did it last night and it is black this morning!!! I hope it doesn't taste bad. I will post pictures next week. Thanks
I have black die, and I even mixed it with brown. I put a little chocolate in it, but I didn't want to make it chocolate because It won't go with the flavors of the cake, at best I am getting a dark gray. OK any help would be great!!! Thanks.
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