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yeah I had found this:  and I had seen I *think* somewhere on here someone suggest the soy milk coffee I wondered if they might be the same? I didn't think about the canned coconut milk though! I'll go with that. :D Thank you so much
thanks for the tips so far. :D there a difference between cream of coconut and coconut creamer?   Leanne..thank you for the video link!
thanks for the tips!! good call on trying just a little bit with the coconut creamer..don't know why I didn't think of that!!
anyone?? :)
I'm about to try making my first "nice" cake ever lol. I have read ganache under fondant is a good place to start because it's a little more forgiving. Anyways..I have a few questions. :)   1. Do I *have* to have a glass mixing bowl? Would it be ok to use plastic (for the microwave) or stainless steel (if I do it on the stove top)? I want to get glass mixing bowls..just haven't been able to yet. :)   2. How much will I need to make? I used the "ganacherator" excel...
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