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That's interesting. I also heard that your office is probably more dirty than the office bathroom. Ick! I'm really a clean freak though, so you could probably come to my house and eat off the floors and be okay. Something about the bathtub though I dislike, even if it is "germ free". Perhaps it goes back to the Seinfield episode where Kramer made the dinner in the bathtub. lol
That's why I always do a trial run. At least until I have more experience. After my next cake though I'm going to be done with that. It's getting tiring!
I have noticed that Dawn smell too! Mostly it's there if you let stuff sit for too long. I also notice that with bleach too. I can smell it on items for days after. Mostly I use dawn because I have my dish soap out in a pretty bottle and the blue matches my kitchen. Plus it's great for that disgusting class buttercream.
lol, that seems okay. Your bathtub is probably cleaner than mine then!
Could you wash them in the kitchen sink? To me the bathtub seems kind of gross if it's going to be near food.
I can relate the th frustration! I'm a vegetarian and it can be so frustrating. People will say, it's safe to eat, it's chicken. They don't get that chicken, fish, and anything besides steak is an animal too. And then there's the folks that just assume because you don't eat meat there's something wrong with you mentally. lol
I don't understand why if people are this allergic to something, they don't speak up???If I make a dish and bring it for a party, I expect people to use a little common sense if they have severe allergies to something. I think it's more their responsibility than mine. I mean, you can't protect everyone from everything, or you'd end up serving water! (Which I believe some people are allergic to as well. )
It might be due to the fact that the cake was in the oven. I know you absoluletly can not do that with gumpaste, so I'd imagine fondant might be effected by it as well.
I have made a mini (4 inch) cake using a mini springform pan. I just coated the inside very carefully with foil. It turned out perfectly. I'd guess you could probably use just about anything. Something really deep or thick might have trouble cooking the insides though.
It also depends on the type and brand of soy milk. Some are awful. Silk brand plain is the closest you'll ever get to cows milk. I actually think it's better because it's richer, and the same calories as skim. If they are that intolerant, why don't you ask them instead of guessing and possibly making a mistake and making them sick?
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