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its beautiful!!! and sounds super delicious
thanks you guys!!!SugarFrosted- if i had to guess i would say the whole cake took about 12 hours, and the decorating was only about 4 of those hours!!! the baking took the longest because i only had one pan of each size!!! i did it over a period of three days, and I was really suprized how smoothly the whole process took, this was one of the easiest cakes ive made, i didnt swear off making another cake ever during the making of this one!!!! and thats serious!!!
my fist wedding cake??? i was so excited to share i forgot the r!! fist wedding cake, thats kinda funny!!
i did it!!! and it made it to the reception in one piece! i just wanted to share and thank everyone for the help and support! my question is, how much would you/could i charge for this cake? i made it as a gift, but im just curious! what do you guys think??oh, i forgot to mention that i had a lil trouble with my dowels after the trip! so there are some imperfections
thank you guys for all your help!! I really appericate it, I'm calling in the big dogs for some help with this cake!! my mil has been decorating cakes for 35 years and i really want this cake to be awesome! i just found out that my friends mother decided to buy her a wedding cake, my friend tried to tell her that i like this kind of thing and that im perfectly capable of doing it, but she insisted that she has to buy a wedding cake for her baby. i dont know if she thinks...
i would love to use fondant, but im not that good yet, so im going to use bc, thanks for the heads up with the wax paper!!
for my friends 21st birthday we all went out for mexican food, so i made her a "mexican" theme cake, i made 3 stacked cakes with jalepeno peppers on the bottom layer and cactus on the 2nd layer and on the top i wanted to do something with margaritias, so i went to wal-mart and got the small champagne glasses that are used for wedding favors and made jello shots with teqilia and lime jello. you could always make a sombrero and put the little margaritias around it!
my best friend is eloping next week and has decided to have a reception on the 26th, and i told her that i would make her cake for free. it doesnt have to be huge and fancy, they are kinda un-traditional, im going to meet with her tomorrow to make a couple decisions about to cake, like the flavors, but the overall design is totally up to me, she doenst want to know anything about the design, she just wants a round stacked cake!ok to get to my thinking of...
no joke i logged to today with the intent to post about that crazy witch!! I was flippin through the channels late last night and i just so happened to come in when she was talking about making her cakes so i had to stick around to see how that turned out! she was a mess, and if i were her sister or her friends i would have walked out and probably not attended her wedding! she was out of control, who is stupid enough to think that they can make that many cakes in such...
thanks guys!! i think that i am going to rent the movie tonight! i wish there was a picture online!! and they say the internet has everything!!!!
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