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www.designerstencils.comdoes a great job on custom stencils. They also have sets made just for doing monograms.I did a monogram cookie using of their stencils for the Cake Central Magazine Wedding Issue last year.
I would think you could use an airbrush or spray mist with a stencil while your base coat is still wet.I think you would also have to work quickly (especially if using royal icing for your base coat)I have never done it, but it seems that it should work. Just be sure to lift your stencil off carefully so it doesn't run and spoil what you have just done.
I get that also.I just let them dry and hit them with a small blast of canned air. Sugar stays where it is supposed to and gets blown away from where it's not!It only takes a short quick blast. Make sure you are not too close to the cookie and that your icing is completely dry.Hope this helps.
I rarely use anything but good ole Antonia's Icing.It's very dependable and I do alot of stenciling!
I've tested all the rollout cookies on Karens website and they all performed well.I remember the white choclate one was a little difficult to work with as it got colder, I think the chocolate hardens making it extremely stiff. This is one cookie you should roll out immediately after making.I've made a brown sugar rollout that was pretty good. It might even be on this site, I did post it a year or two ago. I could always check to see if it's still my computer if you...
I've made those cinnamon applesauce ornaments also. They cut out great. They work really well with those plastic cutters with the details imprinted(Hallmark, Tupperware ect)Your house will smell wonderful making these! We used puffy paints(aka fabric paint) in the squeeze bottles. I think they still make this. It came in lots of colors and dried with nice dimension. They even had mettallics and glitter also.This makes the cutest gingerbread people. I've had mine for...
Love this!
How about Fancy Flours?
I have 2 sets that I love.One is a nice set that is regular circles on one side and crinkled on the other. They nest into each other. Very sturdy.As far as the one for kids I have a set by Cuisipro they are called snap fit meaning they snap togeter for easy storage. These are wonderful for children(I love them too) They make several sets of these snapfit has two sets of these the sailboats and train sets.
Ditto on Cupcake creation liners. They are the Best! are all I use from now on.Pfeil and Holing also carries them
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