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Have a customer wanting cake pops & cupcakes instead of cake at a wedding reception. I haven't done cake pops for actual customer yet but they seem more tedious than cupcakes when I've done them for my own parties. I need to put together a quote for the customer. What do you guys charge for cupcake vs cake pop?
making a soccer cake for my twin niece's bday next weekend. I'm sure there are cutters/ good ideas out there to get a good looking soccer ball. Suggestions or sites to buy cutters from? THANKS!
if you look at my pics I have a very old one on there down by the is actually on of my favorites but the pic is kind of blury...check it out...I did baseball, basketball & football on it but you could leave the footballs out...the writing could be green or you could make your base icing green tint
I have a customer requesting a cake shaped like the dinosaur from Baby Einstein. Anyone ever made a cake like this or have any suggestions on how to do it?
jmt1714: Sorry, I forgot one small detail. They live 2 hours from me so they bought all the supplies and had everything ready for me to start baking when I arrived. So the $180 was labor and since it was family I tried to be nice b/c they helped as much as they could!Let me know what other details you'd like. I used my 12x18 pans and bakes multiple flavors and used buttercream to hold them all together. You would probably have to make yours a double layer all the way...
Last fall I did a cake that measured 5 feet by 3 feet. I did this for my uncle who was a the manager of Lowe's. They were celebrating the store's one year anniversary and he wanted a huge cake that would wow the customers as they came in. At first I was overwhelmed, but it quickly became one of the funnest projects I've ever done. We took the Wilton race car pan and placed it on in the middle of the cake and put a real working race track around that race car. My...
Just reading your experience elevated my blood pressure. Can you seriously even imagine someone else picking out your wedding cake? I don't think so. That story sounds way to fishy to me. I think you should just remove her from your customer list permanetly.
I charged $140 for a cake that was 3ftX2ft. Just to give an idea of what I charged. It served 200 people
How many servings is this cake? I typically charge by the serving.
I think you have a nice start to your page. I agree about putting one of your "grander" cakes on the front. You have beautiful cakes and should put them right up front to catch the eye!
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