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No problem, Cara-mel!  I didn't mention the fact that I live in Tanzania in my original post!!  Yes, it is very beautiful here!  I live on the top of the rift in a city called Mbeya.  I am a missionary working with the poorest of the poor children and single mothers.  We have been working with the children for 9 years.  Now we are trying to start an income generating project for the single mothers by making and selling cakes. 
Thanks, I will try that.
Thank you, Cara-mel for your reply.  Unfortunately, I live in Tanzania!!!  I will put Americolor on my shopping list for the next time I am in Canada, which is my home.  
I am trying to make purple gumpaste flowers using Wiltons gel colours but they turn a blue.  Any ideas how to make the gumpaste purple?
Making the flowers is not the problem, keeping them on the wire is.  I would like some help to solve this problem.  Thanks!
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