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So my fiance is a big gun and hunting enthusiast and i was wonder if anyone new of anywhere to find cool little molds of related to this that i could use to make him little goodies?
You are amazing! Thank you
Thank you sooooo much. Do they sell stuff to add color to it after its done?
I got it from
It is used for choc. I looked all over the internet decent gun molds and I can't find anything at all. When I came across the shot gun that wasn't microscopic I was set on it.
2 cavity mold plus 1 bullet, measures 9" X 2 3/4" wide.  
So im not much of a baker. and im making a cake for my fiance who is a gun enthusiast. and hunting enthusiast. The cake im making is going to have a shot gun on it. But i want the detail on it to stand out just like the mold has on it. Which fondant would be best to use for that?
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