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Thanks :)
I was shocked when I read the mail :(
Did anyone had an experience with making a Break up Cake?   One of my client  asked through email asking to make a "Breakup Cake". Means he is going to breakup with his girlfriend. I'm not sure this is true or someone is playing around. When I read the email, I'm like "WHAT"...I don't know how to reply back to him. He wants it on valentines day.   This is the partial mail said - "so it Would be feasible to prepare a big cake with broken hearts and glitters purpose...
Thank you!!! You made my day :)
I'm getting better now...Thanks everyone for your advice...I really appreciate them :)   The cakes I made so far....   You can see this is not that perfect with the smooth     Little better (I love the wood effect cake...I can see, need little improvement in the ball)   I like this one...Hopefully I'm getting there :)
I'm using buttercream which is little moister. When I put it on the cake and smooth it, It looks very nice. But after a hour or so on the side it is coming off. I tried with more moister on the side, it made the fondant tear.
Hi All,   I made several cakes and I'm still struggling to get neat work on the cake covering with fondant. When I cover the fondant, I rolled fondant and cover using the roller then smooth with my hand and then use the smoother (cake baked and covered with butter icing. Tried put the cake inside the refrigerator and with it too). initially it looks good. after 2 hours I see the fondant coming off from the cake and lots of air stuck there. Even though I remove the air...
how do you put the cake in upright position? since the base is small, won't it fall off or tear up?
I made a cake for one of my close relative with fondant. I spend 3 days to finished them off for her birthday for surprise family party. Birthday girl's mom told me  after I done the cake, one of her son said he is busy, he won't join the party. So then she moved the party to the weekend (2 days after) so that her son will join. She called her son again on Friday, son said he can't join on the weekend too since he has his work Christmas party. Now they are planning to cut...
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