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No worries. Im literally drawing on rice paper as we speak so fingers crossed! It needs to be done by saturday morning, im hoping it all goes well but not so sure
Ok next idea! Can someone please tell me if this will work or am i completly bonkers! How about drawing on marshmallows??? There bendy.....perfect! Is this possible? We cant get flat marshmallows here but i could cut up the giant ones or make my own. PLEASE HELP.
Hey guys, im in cheltenham, gl51 so quite a while away. didavista my original plan was to use gel food colours and paint them but i did one of the very small stickers and it just all curled up and looked messy, i cant get americolor in time either, ill have another go later.
Hi, the problem is i have to start tomorrow and theres nowhere here in the uk that i can get them printed. Ive just read about flexible royal icing. It would be alot of work and im not sure of my piping skills but ive kind of run out of options! Any thoughts?
I really really need help, soon! I have to make this car cake. Cake is fine, fondant is fine but these stickers are driving me nuts! I was going to use edible pens on rice paper however rice paper doesn't give you clean lines when you draw on it as i have JUST found out! So i thought id get sugar paper but i cant get in i. White here in the uk and theres no time to order any. Then i thought draw on sugarpaste but that has its own problems in that i cant draw on them in...
Thank you so much! Im very excited about this cake, i will post a pic when its done (if its any good:D)
Sorry ive just realised you said you used a different kind of rice in a world ofconfusion!
Hi, i know this post is quite old but im wondering if you could help me. I need to make a car cake which has loads of sponsor stickers on it and i was going to paint them on rice paper then stick them to the car. A couple of questions, do they last on the cake or will i need to stick them on last minute? I dont want them to melt in too mich and become a big mess. Also what brand of rice paper do i need or will it not matter?
Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I don't think i can do Fbct, i think ill do the car shape cover in fondant then put on the sugar sheets. How do i attach the sheets? Will it just stick? Can i write on the sugar sheets with food colour rather than pens? And can i draw them a week in advance or will it go a bit horrid? Sorry for all the questions ive never done this before.
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