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hello all. i am doing a cake in the theme of 1964. the client wants to depict events like the opening of shea stadium, the release of the first gi joe, the first ford mustand and something to do w the beatles. im only charging 100.00 so im not hand crafting each item im going to have to work them in as edible images. im kind of stumped as to lay out. for 100.00 im thinking i need to get creative but i cant put 40 hours into it either. any ideas on making such random items...
Im sorry im from NY and am generally foul mouthed from spending 28 yrs in a professional e kitchen"get bent" is the equivalent of a tsk tsk. No biggie. Thanks for the info on the tool.
Get bent was as nice as i could be after being accused of doing something i didnt do. ( the videos not even in english for christs sake) The real question is who goes around making accusations like that? And as i pride my mself on being brutally honest yup. And not for anything the Google search produced no results that werent in UK or AU.
Thanks for the link tho thats awesome i didnt know what it was called. So i never even searched
Are you for real? Get bent i have less than zero to do w that video.
Hi all Im a horrible stacker/leveler the adjustable cake ring in this video is so cool but in 28 yrs ive never seen one any ideas where to get one? she uses it at the 2:10 mark thanks Anne
Thank you it prob took a total of 60 hours but i make everything including the fondan.  I like to make sure evrrything tastes as good as it looks.  It woukdve been a lot less time if i had a good extruder.  Saving time in this line of work is all about the right tools for the right job.  
one word... OIL! long lasting moisture comes from oil. all my best cake recipes use oil instead of butter. I looove super moist cakes and gooey cookies and this is my fix.
Thank you every cake is a lesson.  The hair on the monster was rough!  I hsve to get a better extruder. 
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