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Thank you thank you thank you! Ill hafta spend some time in YouTube school tomorrow
Thank you for answering so fast. Here's a bad pic of what happened before I fixed it.
Hi, I made a cake this weekend - I'm super new to all this so I make mistakes, of course! So on one of the cakes this weekend, I made it, put my buttercream icing on, put it in the fridge while I made my fondant and rolled it out. Then I got it out of the fridge - put the fondant on it, stacked it and started decorating it. Then I noticed on ONE SIDE the icing had started buldging out - almost like it was melting off ONE SPOT and pushing the fondant  out into a bubble....
Hi, Probably a stupid question -- how do I measure how much buttercream I need? Is there some magical mathematic equation? I always feel like I mix it, run out, mix more, run out... How do you determine how much to make in advance? THANKS!!
I do I think though that you have to spend money to make money. I know that if I knew a baker was capable they'd be one of the 1st placed id start when I needed cupcakes or birthday cakes. So I HOPE and PRAY by taking cupcakes by each area hospital, bank, police station where a lot of employees come in and out they'll remember me. Maybe. Hopefully. Ahhhhh LOL
Fantastic ideas!! Thank you both!! Maybe a fall cupcake (ie: pumpkin or apple) and then just a simple red velvet - maybe just topped with a dark red crumble or something!
Hi guys! Okay, so Monday I plan to head out and drop off cupcakes to "get my name out" - I think I'll do half dozens in 6 different flavors. So heres what I'm thinking Key lime with key lime icing and a very thin lime wedge as a topper coconut dreams cupcakes with toasted coconut on top the "perfect chocolate cupcake" with a marshmellow frosting - graham cracker and 1 bit of Hershey bar on top A fun little camo cupcake (were in the south and its hunting season!) should I...
Haha! Yes, I'm getting buff cakin! ;) I don't need the gym, I have fondant!
Ah, thank you both!! It is ridiculious!! I am either REALLY out of a shape or a big wimp... or maybe both! LOL Definitely gonna try it another way on the cake for this weekend! Whats the method for bolder colors? Im making a spiderman/batman/superman 3 tier and need that Red BOLD!
I've very recently started decorating and getting orders. After the two cakes I did this weekend my arms MAY fall off! HAHA! I make my own fondant as I'm just starting out it seems to be cheaper since I don't have a lot of cakes but WOW, kneading the fondant, then kneading the color in, then kneading it after the color sets good is KILLING my arms. Like seriously - I'm about to go buy a fondant roller like on cake boss ;) My question is has anyone ever put color in as the...
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