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Thank you! Absolutely!  It's what lead me to this site. :)  And to think the first birthday cake I ever made for my 1st child - was the Healthy Cake recipe in the back of the What to Expect When You're Expecting book - It was bad (too healthy).  And not very pretty.  I did make a yummy backup cake w yellow Peeps on it.  Six years later, he's no longer eating his cake, but he enjoys looking at them - and having Special ones!  Thanks Cake Central.
Thanks AZCouture!
hmm... I wonder if this is in part due to me trying to Crumb coat?  I think I try to go light and then miss spots or feel like to light and then I try to put more on.  Will keep in mind.  Hopefully next time I have more success.  Thank you sloppybeaver!
Curious and confused, half inch fondant or half inch frosting?  Also wondering in regards to this post, whether I am icing a cake and will put fondant over it or not, I seem to always have a problem at some point with my cake coming off/crumbling as I ice it?  I generally ice my cakes after they have been either frozen or refrigerated (which I understand should make it easier?).  Obviously this is a problem if trying to get a smoother fondant.  Also annoying if just trying...
I did it! 2x even! with some cupcakes I'm happy with considering... not as hot as the ones I saw online here, but had problems w the pulled look. In the end structure-wise, I put the Cake truck on 3 toy blocks. Saw this on a tutorial somewhere? It was mostly hidden under truck. Truck was on top of a cardboard covered in foil. Then I used kabob skewers? Or Chopsticks under the truck on top of cardboard w wheels each side. Cake truck wheels not as sturdy...
For anyone who might read this as a reference for future cake - Newbies like me especially, here are some of my notes and one question.   Regarding painting, definitely was prob better for me to paint than ice it all.  New w cake skills (or lack of).  Regarding fondant, was definitely easier on my second attempt cake (which was the one made of RKT on top of cake).  The RKT was hard so I was less nervous about pulling/stretching fondant to fit.  I still wasn't sure what...
Well I pulled it off and did mostly painting w a touch of cake writing icing for colors not on hand (was going to try edible markers but no good on black fondant n didn't want to fuss w white paint underneath). Not sure if pics will show.
Any chance this could be one rosette on top of another rosette?  just saw the tutorial on rosette thought it looked similar?
Hi all, has anyone ever done this with success or failure?   I've seen (via past posts) that people do either BC or chocolate on top of RKT and under Fondant.  Does it make a difference if I'm FREEZING it?  Also I think I've seen, but would like confirmation, is painting on Fondant and freezing still doable?
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