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Thanks, just nervous. It is for my nephew. Family.
Preparing a fondant covered 3 tier wedding cake.  Stressing now, because the wedding reception is outside and our weather has turned.  Going to be 86 outside at the time of the wedding.  The cake is only filled with buttercream so no problem with spoiling.... but worried about fondant.  Will be refrigerated until I deliver the cake, but then will be outside and in the shade.  Will it be OK.  Someone out there has to have had experience with this.   HELP
yes i think so hoping anyway
Hi everyone, well I am working on my 2nd wedding cake. It is an outside wedding and so is the cake, outside.... 3 tiers, fondant with buttercream crumb coat. Anyone have any ideas. Last time it was so warm the buttercream starting to become very soft and the fondant didn't go on well and it didn't turn out very good. Very nervous about the cake being outside. All swiss buttercream filling, nothing to worry about there. Just want the cake to hold up. Any suggestions....
Ok, that's a little scary. Especially trying this on a wedding cake... I think a trip back to the store to exchange is on the schedule. Thanks.
HI Everyone, here I am again. I have a very large wedding cake to do and it is for my favorite nephew and his amazing soon to be wife. I have always used 2" pans and I purchased a 3" deep 14" square pan and 3" deep 10" square pan and a 2" deep 6" square for the top. I have never used a 3" deep pan so I am very nervous about baking in them. I am not sure how to cut them to fill them. I know this sounds silly but not sure what the norm is. Do I just take back and...
Yes it was pretty warm. I live in the Phoenix area and we had unseasonably warm weather. But I had in the refrigerator before transporting it. I was thinking that buttercream wouldn't be good for decorating onto fondant.
Hi everyone. I did a birthday cake this weekend using fondant and buttercream roses for the border. By the time I got to the birthday party the buttercream separated from the fondant. What did I do, or what should I have done to make the buttercream roses to the fondant. Help!! [IMG
Yes I did.  But I did chicken out when I transported the cake.  I assembled it at the site.  Thanks everyone...
Thanks. The bride was happy which made me happy.
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