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That's impressive...just just assumed it was a mat... Great work
My friend has two empty bottles I can have.... I will try to mold it on the bottles(fingers crossed).... But if it's fails I will use a dense cake to carve.
I will try it with two bottles, just in case, and if it doesn't work I'll do ladies always are a great help.
It's beautiful, how long did u let it dry
Sorry, typo... I have auto correct on my phone...thanks ladies...
Ok thanks lady's cake it is
I'm not sure about Swissmbc I've only use it on traditional layered cakes
Thanks for the feed back
I have to make this cake in two for a birthday party. The base I wll use modeling chocolate and a wood grain texture mat. I have an edible printer so I know how I will add the wording to the bottle... BUT... I am completely baffled on how to make the bottle.... filled with Cake? Rice crispies? Or wrap a real bottle in gum paste.... I am unsure.... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
I always freeze my cakes, it makes carving and layering a breeze
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