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So what name would ypu suggest then?
I do agree with having a consistent branding message. I will be focusing on home style and fun cakes. I eventually would like to excel at wedding cakes and cookies. I like the name "the cake house" but I don't want people to think I only bake cakes. Would you order a wedding cake from a business with a name like " Iced Life Bakery" or "Special Ocakesions"? Thank you for your input, I appreciate it!
Thank You for ur suggestion
I wrote that because I know how easy it is for users to bypass a thread. I was hoping that if they saw that line, they would take time out to read my post and vote. @mimifix
Help me select a creative and fun name for my cake business. I will be starting up a home base business making cakes and other sweets.
Hello, I will be making this doll cake Tomorrow. How do I make the pleats in her skirt? I've read the Wilton instructions but I don't understand how to achieve this look still. Here is the Wilton Instruction: step 6 Roll twelve 7 x 3/4 in. fondant "logs" to form pleats of skirt. Logs should measure 3/4 in. diameter at one end and gradually taper to a point. Position logs evenly on the cake, tapered end up. Please Help
Thank you ladies! I'm sure your suggestions will work!
Hi, I'm seeing this cake all over the Internet and I'm interested in making it. However I'm unsure how to make this cake, especial Big birds beak. I would love to make this cake for my sons first birthday next month. Any tips or/and suggestions are welcomed! Thanks
Hi, I just baked four sheet cakes (11X15X2) One of the cakes cracked, from one end to the other. I really don't want to bake another cake so I'm trying to salvage this one. I'm creating a number birthday cake, 27. It will be a four layer cake with buttercream filling, covered in fondant. Even thou the cake is cracked, will I still be able to cut it into a number ( 2 or 7)? Can I use buttercream to repair this or will I have to bake another sheet cake? Please help, as I...
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