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Hi guys just need a little direction with price wny advice would be great this cake is my furst attempt and has 3 8" & 3 5" any help woukd be greatly appreciated  
Thank you sweetheart:smile:
Thank you very much 😊😀😊😀
Loooooool I'm going to have to use this one
More pictures hopefully these are a little clearer this time, it's really nice to have so many people willing to help out I really appreciate it, and I promise I will practice practice practice!! Told my family that I deliberately made pleats!!!! NOT lol ha ha
Thank you to you all for your time and advice, really glad I asked the question lol all critique noted and will be taken on board. I knew most of my mistakes but need to see these through some one else's eyes so thank you all once again very helpful advice 😘😊😀
Please give any advice I'm only starting out experimenting with cakes I really enjoy it and have not had any training or attending classes thanks to persistents and plenty hours of YouTube videoes!! Any advice would be great by the proffesionsls Thank you so much look forward to any comments 😀😊🎉💗🎉💗💗💗🎉
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