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Enga you did not offend me and i thank you for giving me advice i was manly upset by the ones bad mouthing my cake i did this for free for my fathers second marriage and it was my first attempt at such a large cake and someone asked me yesterday how much i would charge for a cake similar with different flowers so i had no clue she never told me hoe many ppl it would need to feed yet so i was trying to get some help about how to go about pricing for when she tells me i know...
OK well i was told about this site by a baker  she told me it is a great place to get good advice to help you be a better baker. and to a point i see that but it seems like some of you are really rude and judgmental. i have not been doing cakes for long and have never taken classes i have taught myself everything  by watching you-tube videos and attempting cakes. Granted i don't think my stuff is great and i am a stay at home mother with 3 kids all under 4 yet i still try...
Smckinney07 i live in ohio
and i do really appreciate the feed back i had no clue till now about the character cakes. i am very new at selling my stuff i only started making cakes 2 yrs ago and that was just for my immediate family so i am clueless when it come to the business end that's why i joined here to see if i could get help.
Also i have looked into the character law and you can put a toy on top if you purchase one such as from the store and them its not considered illegal.
thanks for all the input the cake i displayed i did not make or sell someone asked if i could make and sell a cake like this one but i have no clue about pricing i have made and sold things for ppl before but am sure i undercharged i just don't know if my stuff is good enough and worry i am overcharging, i would like to eventually make this a business and i do have the selling license, 
ok so if i buy a cookie monster topper would it make the cake legal?
i only do cakes for family usually at home but i have had a few ppl want them so i am not really a business 
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