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Ok thanks
Can I cook a chocolate chip cookie cake in a round 10 inch cake pan? My son wants his animal cell project done in cookie cake. It has to be round so should I cook it round or cook it in a square pan and then cut it round? Any great recipes for cookie cake?
Anybody ever have to make an edible model of a plant or animal cell? My 10 year old has a science project due on December 19 and I've been looking online for inspiration. It doesn't have to be big because 17 other kids in the class will be bringing edible models also. I need something easy enough.. I found this picture on Pinterest for an idea. Is it 3d enough? If you have any ideas or can point me to something I'd greatly appreciate it.
I came here to look for the very same thing! How did the project come out?
Thanks! I'm in southwest. Not far from the gulf, and not far from Texas.
Hey guys I need your help again! I'm making a 10' 8 ' 6' wasc (actually they're defrosting now) for tomorrow at noon. I wanted to get it decorated and ready because I have to be at my aunts party in the morning to help set it up. ( the cake is something my mom asked for) Anyway I started thinking if where I could store the cake overnight. I really don't want to store it on the counter because I have a dog and because it's cold here and we have a heater in the kitchen and...
Yea I kinda figured the cherry wouldn't taste that great but I like cherry sometimes and thought about getting that frosting for a minute. I bought frozen strawberries tho so no I'm going to find a recipe using that. I also kinda wondered what vanilla pudding would taste like but I'm sure that wouldn't work well for a layered cake.
How would Betty crockers canned cherry frosting taste?
Hey guys I'm making a wasc for a Saturday party for my aunt. I want to put strawberry filling between the layers. I need a good recipe. I've found a few on here and the net but can't decide. And i need to know how far in advance I can make the filling and how to store it. Tia
Ha I honestly don't remember if I ever made it lol sorry
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