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What about under the stairs? Should I use scrap cake and cut out pieces to place then add the buttercream stairs? Or do I just piled on a crap ton of buttercream under the steps?
I need to make a cake to resemble a myan pyramid. The customer sent me these photos as a reference. She wants light grey buttercream, 4 double layers (6-8-12-16) and she wants the stairs going down the front. How on earth do I make the steps? Am I over thinking it? Since it's buttercream I feel like it's going to be really difficult. Any advice on how to do the stairs? [IMG][IMG]
Thank you! Also, what would put it on to transport? Do I need to make a base? Buy a sturdy board? I'm sure a cake board isn't what I need for a wedding cake. Lol
Ok so I will be making my first wedding cake in November. It's a very simple yet elegant design. It's going to be 5 big tiers but the bottom one will be fake. It's all white fondant with a bunch if rhinestones and jewelry and diamond looking pendants and brooches cascading down the side. My question: where on earth do I find that stuff? I looked at hobby lobby and they have a ton of stuff like that but they're very small at about $10 a piece!! Is that the going rate?...
Thank you! The bottom was a double 8 inch but I'm not sure about the top. I let a friend recently borrow my 6 in rounds and have yet to get them back so I just grabbed a bowl that was about 6 inches(maybe a tad bigger) and just used that to carve out my round! So maybe that's why it looks bigger? I'm not sure. $1.60 seems like a good price. People here are very cheap but want extravagant things. I had a friend ask if I could make her 2 dozen cupcakes with gum paste...
Thank you for your input. I live in Texas and have read up on the cottage food law and do abide by the law. (My husband is a police officer so no "breaking the law" here! Lol) And I guess I should've been more specific. I'm not asking how to price,I was just asking for a rough estimate. I have a spread sheet I made with every ingredient and how much it costs per serving, etc so I know how much it costs. I'm just curious how my prices may differ from others.
So I just had my friend pick up her order. She wanted a small luau themed 2 tiered cake with 75 matching cupcakes. It was my first order with cupcakes and I'm pretty proud of them! I experimented with a few cupcake recipes beforehand so I'm happy with the way they tasted. 25 of them are vanilla, 25 chocolate and 25 are strawberry. I made the little toppers from gum paste. The top tier of the cake is vanilla and bottom is chocolate. I'm happy how everything turned out but I...
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