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u mean mix the ck buttercream with SMBC?? will it be ok??/
first of all i would feel awful chucking everything! i think i might go with using it for kids projects. however the tub is open so how long will it last??? i did put it in the fridge. i had ordered more thinking i would use it for my daughters 2 tier birthday cake next week but i think i will make my own SMBC.anyone know how to make SMBC really sturdy???
I added heavy cream but the crusty factor is still there.
Ok so I bought a 8lb tub of CK white buttercream and I hate it!!! It is too sugary and too crust for my liking! What do I do to make it less crusty and more soft? Any ideas would be a great big help since I have so much crusting buttercream! please help me!!!
do i need to use dowels if i am using a 2 layer 6 in and 2 layer 9 inch. if i do then would the thicker bamboo skewers work?? how many would i need???
can u use parchment paper instead of acetate sheets to do a chocolate wrap??? i am having a hard time finding acetate sheets in stores. anyone know who carries them??
Don't mean to sound dumb, but I am new to the cake biz. What is SPS?.
Thnx al!! I'll keep that in mind!
Can someone take a look at these prices and tell me if it is a good deal?
I didn't have a problem with the baking part. It actually turned out great! It was cooked all the way thru and tasted real good. This one was a trial run for the two bears I have to make next main concern is why did it crack???
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