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Wow!!! Once again ... Thanks for all the feedback and advice. And what about the kenwood chef? The platinum model?
Thanks vgcea... well, her idea is for that, the wedding/occasion cake baking/making, to be her source of income... so I don't mind spending a bit so long as I'm being duped by marketing and salesman pitches... hence my consulting this forum. you still reckon the Artisan would do the trick in her situation?
Actually no, not in the States.. I'm from South Africa and I honestly wouldn't know when since when  KA's been here. But I am familiar with the Kenwood Chef, it's what my mom had when I was young... I'll have a look at those too thanks. 
another question,,,, do you guys if the Artisan is available with a 7qt bowl? or will I have to buy a model up from the artisan? which would be? ( this is of course if i choose the KA route)  she's be making cakes for weddings etc.. so I doubt she'll be doing massive quantities.. but I'm a little concerned about the bowl size now?
Thanks for all your help guys. It really is much appreciated!
Thanks... Alas we're a rare breed, nice BFs lol
apologies if I'm using the incorrect forum options here, but can't see anything for equipment.   My girlfriend is going to start baking cakes and I wanted to get her a really good stand mixer as a gift but know absolutely nothing about these things. After a bit of internet research I've picked up that Kitchenaid, the Artisan in particular, is a pretty good option to go for. But I'd like some feedback from those in the know. a bit of advice please....
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