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Thank you soooooo much...
8x3...6x3...4x3... Is that enough cake for 50 people
i have been chosen to do a baby shower cake and I really need help with pricing... It will be a lemon cake with white chocolate ganache there will be cut out flowers, butterflys, and a modeled baby bottom with feet on top.. 50 people will be fed how much for a 2 tier? how much for a 3 tier? please may I grasp some of your wisdom...
Thank you so much!!!!! Now I added a 1/3c to my batter... but when the cupcakes baked and I tried one I did not taste the liquor.... should I have added a 1/2 cup instead???
How much Grand Marnier can I add to my whipcream to achieve that a orange liquor taste??? Or can I even do that??? Will it break my cream???
thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for your help.... i appreciate it!!!!!!!!
yes.... its get dry hot in az... and i live on the top floor...
does the temp of the house effect my ibc drastically???
is it easier to cover in fondant using the crusting method???? do you mind sharing your crusting bc with me???
Now my Italian bc does not harden/stiffen.... could that be cause of my enviroment/house temp??? could i use a crusting buttercream??? and place my good one in the middle???
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