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I'm hanging up my pastry bag for awhile. My son is on a gluten free diet and this cake decorating thing isn't working out! lol Not only that, but I'm now working full time and I just don't have the energy for it.I don't get a lot of customers, but I do have regulars who will no doubt ask if I know anyone else as I turn down work. If you live in Johnson County KS... many of my regulars are in the OP area. If you could share some of your work with me, I could give them your...
Anyone ever try to make a filling that had a chocolate mousse type of flavor and texture that didn't require refrigeration? I guess I'm looking for a mock chocolate mousse, if such a thing exists.Either that, or if you can recommend a chocolate filling that is rich and flavorful, but more stable. This is for a wedding cake.Let me know and thanks in advance! ~Wendy
Not a bad idea. I'll have to make that option available... I know it would make my life a lot happier! lol~Wendy
Honestly, that is one of the things I'd wondered about too. I'm hoping chocolate mousse won't seep the way a fruit filling would, but just not sure.Also, I don't really know how that I can put more than maybe a 1/3" layer of filling between layers, since I'd not planned on torting. I was thinking I might have to torte though, just to make it work. Wish I had more experience with this sort of thing. Feeling very lost with it all.~Wendy
Do you think I should talk them into something else? We've had 100 degree heat here the last few days with a heat index of nearly 110. I'm not liking this idea! lolThanks by the way for responding. Appreciate it!~Wendy
I'm looking for tips from someone who has done it. I found a chocolate mousse recipe on this forum which uses pudding mix, heavy whipping cream and milk... thought I'd go with this since the list of ingredients is very manageable and doesn't require a double broiler. Unless of course I'll be sacrifing taste? I'd be willing to face that challenge if it's worth the effort... any opinions?I'm assuming I need to make a ring of frosting, then fill the center with the mousse....
My husband brought me home 3/4" foam presentation boards that his employer was throwing out. I cut them down and cover them with fabric and contact paper and use those for bases. They're incredibly durable. They look great covered too... especially with ribbon along the edges. I love reading everyone's shared info here! So many great ideas!~Wendy
Now that I think about it, two 1/2 sheets double layered might be what I want... plus it would balance out the table nicer. They want half white cake and half chocolate, so this is what I'll suggest. I think a 1/2 sheet double layered cake can easily serve 75. That is a lot of cake.Thanks for your help!
Really? That seems like a lot of cake if I make them both double layered. I was thinking a full sheet and a 12x18" sheet, single layer. They also want a miniture wedding style cake (for an anniversary), triple tier, with chocolate mouse centers. I don't think the realize how much money they'll be spending, if they keep that plan. ~Wendy
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