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 Hmmm I was thinking that myself @Pastrybaglady.  High quality High end super decorators deserve the prices that they receive.  I do not.  And I'm perfectly contented with that.  Why you ask.  Because I'm a lazy git, that isn't willing to put the time, effort, labor, skill, knowledge, training, business savvy etc into my baking.  More importantly I don't possess the artistic, design, creative talents either.  Leah has earned every penny of it.
Yes it is better @Dayti
 “I've learned that we're all entitled to have our secrets.”― Nicholas Sparks, 'The Notebook'  Perhaps whoever is holding out their information entertains their privacy & has a valid reason to do so. 
No fail sugar cookie recipe by Jackie:
In addition to chilling, cut your dough on either parchment paper or silpat mats and remove the unwanted dough with an artist spatula.  Leaving the cut out cookie intact and perfectly shaped - bake.
 @AileenGP you had me there, being interested in your story about the super decorator that was so successful......then zippie-do-da you lost me like a lead balloon when the "it's nor fair" words arrived.  Life isn't fair, the world is a tough place, but [[SPOILER]]
outline and fill with the PME #3, details with the #1.5.   If I had to pick only two tips for cookies for both corn syrup glaze & royal icing, these two tips would be my choice.   why not get yourself started with a few of the cc pros books about the business.  @costumeczar & @MimiFix    just a thought as these are two very successful business women.
  Either Italian butter cookies or spritz butter cookies like those I make & put sprinkles, or non-pariels, or course sugar on top.  we eat them by the buckets.
 Is this list in the correct order? I think that you left out single malt scotch.
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