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did you try your buttercream with the ratios that I posted in the other thread Yet?  You had way too much fat in your recipe after you made the conversion.  You may have not added enough liquid at the end to get a smooth finish.  You can beat it a long time, as the other gal recommended. She has really nice cakes.   also if you are in the UK , see if you can look for this book: The Contemporary Buttercream Bible: The Complete Practical Guide to Cake Decorating with...
If you're really rich or are going to make this part of your array of pastries for sale,  You could purchase the pastry ring set.
cara1982, WOW!  spectacular job on those.
 Danielle1986,  jump onto this buttercream thread, and read from the beginning.  You'll discover that all of your questions are there - answered by the buttercream lovers and pros.  It's a great thread!!
In addition to Vegagirl's tutorial, that cake in the photo may have a poured fondant on it.  Hard to see.
One of the California decorators on CC posted a tutorial on how she used two cupcakes stacked to make that shape of small cake.   Mini Cakes - Picture Tutorial! By: vegagirl Posted 8/28/13
Congratulations Jen!  May you have great success and big financial prosperity.   (and remember to keep your love of baking and your need for important business decisions in their perspective places)
mentoring is done within an organization, to the benefit of the organization and it's future operation. ie. {a senior or experienced person in a company or organization who gives guidance and training to a junior colleague.}
  Just out of curiosity, I googled the types of things you'll be baking, to see what names other businesses were using.   Most of them used Natural, health, or Gluten-free, etc in the titles. otherwise it doesn't show up on the radar when searching for it on the internet. So Natural and bakery are a good addition to the title.  
You're Welcome.  Now post a nice photo here of your culinary creation for us to see. ps: definitely not a star, just curious about the recipe you needed.   Love love love banana cake    I have a great banana cake recipe, however I may try this.
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