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you could always put some reinforcing pieces on the back of your headboard, just like in real life woodworking.  It is an adorable cake design, good luck.
 that's a perfect analogy!  can anyone confirm that when it dries, that you cannot see a color or texture difference?
yum Krusteaz pancakes and waffle mix is a big winner in my kitchen.  We used to get the Kursteaz white cake mix (add only water) in our local store.  It made the most wonderful white cake that I filled with lots of fruit fillings & spreads. I miss it, as they stopped selling it here years ago.  maybe folks here were turned off by the name also.
I think that it was more important to have matching pans, meaning the same brand, as I discovered that my two pans were actually a different weight, and a different height, probably a different thickness.  So that no matter where I put the pans in the oven,{ as I originally thought I'd developed a bad hot spot in my oven, thankfully I didn't  } they baked differently.   This only mattered with pans that I put in the oven all at once, such as 6", 8", 9" pans.  everything...
my recipe is in here, right out of the cookbook.  works great every time.
 As the artist Bob Ross used to say "It's your world." & “We don’t make mistakes; we just have happy accidents.” You can always use a close color to blend it into the surrounding colors so the words won't stand out and clash.  It won't be quite as noticeable then.  Some of the cutest cakes are the Gary Larson 'Far Side' cake with lot's of writing on them.
@julia1812  your cupcakes are very festive and colorful.  Love them.   @petitecat that is a super cool marshmallow man.  but the surrounding town really sets it off.
what a fabulous cake @Pastrybaglady. I love the way you created the waves lapping up on the sand!!!!!
ditto, ditto, ditto.  In fact I just threw away an old cake pan and replaced it with a magic line pan.  I couldn't figure out why one pan kept baking up perfect and the other pan was overbrowning.  Finally realized that my collection of pans had several different brands of pan.  Tossed the stupid one, and bought a new Parrish magic line pan.  problem solved.
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