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Can I used the hand mixer ? Can I reduce the recipe down to 2 eggs Thanks a lot for your recipe !
Thanks for your reply =) . I've made this many times before and yes the results were great , that's why I'm really frustrating right now , I have no idea what's wrong with the me baking meringue these days . I still use my old mixer and I don't think there's something wrong with the egg-whites because today , yesterday and the day before yesterday , I continuously made 3 batches of meringue and they all failed with the same problem =( ...
I baked another batch today and the result was disappointed ...again =( .I even left the oven door open but nothing changed , it's like the longer the meringue swirls are baked the flatter they get (they shrank) !!! I don't know if the temperature has something to do with this problem , in the basic recipe they say that preheat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (about 93 degree celsius) , but I checked some other recipes and found out that some people bake the meringue...
Thanks =D , I'll do that with the new batch tomorrow =D , but what can I do with the shrinking problem ? I mean the swirls shrank after 50 minutes of baking so I think the timing may not be the cause for it =( 
Hi ! I just made a batch of meringue and there was a problem : after having the meringue swirls inside the oven for more than 90 minutes , the swirls shrank , they were kinda soft and not crunchy when I touched them .  Please help me with this problem . I need 50 meringue swirls for the party tomorrow , any suggestion would be helpful . Thanks a lot =) ! 
So it's petal tip and ruffle piping =) .Thank you for all your help =D !!!!!  
Hi =D , I accidentally came across this picture of a gorgeous dessert made by Japanese pastry chefs I would like to try to make a cake topping like this but I don't know which tip I should use to make the frosting so I really need your help (picture would be a great help) .    Thanks a lot =D !   P/s : Does anyone know how to make the frosting look like this ? I will be really thankful if someone tell me how to do this style of frosting =D !    
Lately my cupcakes have been really dry , although the recipes I use are those that have been made many times and this problem didn't appear in the past . I'm thinking about the oven but not sure if it's really the problem here. Or could it be the new kind of vanilla powder I've been using ? I've also tried to add more liquid to the batter or to reduce the dry ingredients but the results are still the same . SOMEBODY PLEASE  HELP ME WITH THIS =( !!!!!!!!!
Hi everyone , I have been baking cupcakes for a long time and what I've been struggling is that the cupcakes I made are short , their heights are usually between 2.5-3cm but there were a few times when they sprang up higher than the heights they usually get . I'm not sure it's the moles of the cupcake pans or the cupcake liners or the amount of batter I fill in that have done something to the cupcakes' heights . I really want to make cupcakes that look tall and nice....
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