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Thank you for that ...... I have an order pending right now, I will take in everyone's recommendations and see how things work out.
No i meant for a big 3 tier cake with a sculpted cake topper.
I shoot down suggestions because they are things that I have already thought of and am unable to do. I've tried just about everything. Charging high, charging low, charging in between, doing this, doing that, buying this making that. I appreciate EVERYONES advice. That is after all what I asked for, advice. I get that professionals like you get frustrated with beginners like me. I do. But I'm doing everything that I can and apparently I can't do anything differently to...
I can't get a part time job, therefore no way to save
If I could afford to buy cake dummies....
I've tried, and nobody will hire me.
I can't get orders at $2 a serving, how would I get any at $4 a serving?
By the way, my competitors consist of ONE single bakery who's bulk business is high end wedding cakes, and home bakers who aren't even legal who charge $60 for a cake.
For customers who didn't know the real value of my cakes and thought my cheap prices were expensive
Can I lightly dust a cupcake with gold lustre dust? Trying to figure out whether I should lightly spray a cupcake with wilton color mist or sprinkle lustre dust .... client needs gold buttercream but doesn't want it to be "flashy" ... any ideas?
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