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Ok thank you cakebaby2
Thanks mimimakescakes That what I thought I would have to use or piping gel before chocolate was mentioned ,
Thank you so much for replying everyone , it's a week tomorrow that I made the first two head boards I've looked at them the last few days and they still seem quite fragile tiny bit bendy , that was my reason for making the third one yesterday , I will be covering the cake in fondant would you allow time for that fondant to dry out before trying to attach the head board? I've never used chocolate to attach anything is it just the White chocolate in the baking aisle at...
Hi everyone I've been asked to do my friends daughters 18th birthday cake that's due next Friday, it's a bed design I'll try to add the image she sent me,I have done lots of research on this and I'm getting really worried on how to do / fix the headboard to the cake , I have done three headboards so far and they are all drying out but I'm concerned that they won't hold up to the job All cut from a template and the pattern put in with an impression mat 1st one is all...
Thank you Rosie I will
Thank you
Thank you for replying to my post Goreti, I build the rabbit up today I thought the same as you in the end,I put the board and dowels under the head just to be safe, it turned out ok for my first attempt I'm sure she will love it
My daughters birthday on Wednesday and I'm planning to do her favourite build a bear bunny as her cake, could any one offer me any advise ,I'm so worried about the structure after watching than many tutorials on the 3d bears no one seems to board and dowel after the normal 4" height , I've baked today 2 -7" round 1-6" 3-5" sponges I'm planning on stacking and carving tomorrow , my expected total height will be approx body 5" tall head and 3 1/2" tall, Total height 8...
Thank you k8memphis that made me smile ,how lovely thank you for all your help and advice , Thank you everyone
Thank you for that tip denetteb I never even thought about that , I was just so excited to have it done I was camera happy
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