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My daughters birthday on Wednesday and I'm planning to do her favourite build a bear bunny as her cake, could any one offer me any advise ,I'm so worried about the structure after watching than many tutorials on the 3d bears no one seems to board and dowel after the normal 4" height , I've baked today 2 -7" round 1-6" 3-5" sponges I'm planning on stacking and carving tomorrow , my expected total height will be approx body 5" tall head and 3 1/2" tall, Total height 8...
Thank you k8memphis that made me smile ,how lovely thank you for all your help and advice , Thank you everyone
Thank you for that tip denetteb I never even thought about that , I was just so excited to have it done I was camera happy
Thank you edible art co, thank you for all your help and support much appreciated ,
Thank you
  Just finished it, thank you so much everyone for all your help, I doweled and put a board in after 4"
Omg cara1982 they are fantastic ! I plan to panel to ( this will be my first time panelling ) Like nervous about it but think this will be better than trying do the whole thing in one go,
Great thank you, I will post some as soon as it's done
Many thanks -k8memphis great tips I'll take it all on board thank you,
Thank you edible art co for your reply good tip on the hacking I will take my time when doing it, would you place it in the fridge first for a period of time so it' firms up a little for carving ? Just something I read on a tutorial
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