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That sounds so delicious yum
Am sorry if I said something to offend. but I want to say that when I got sick from that store cake I didn't say anything to the party owner. instead I made a cake because the kids got sick.
Thank you very much I am from the Islands and sometimes I express myself the way I speak at home
About 3 to 4 years ago I use to buy store cake just because I work but one day went to a party in the beach. they had store cake and it give me stomach ache I thought it was just me but some of the kids started cry also with ache, well that was it for me. I am a caterer why don't I make my own cakes and 2yrs ago I took a big cake to the beach party same people and they had some store again when thy tasted mines the owner of the party didn't was to share that made me start...
He he he she wants to save some for later or they really love cake
I know that once am ready to charge people they will react the same way but that's ok.I understand what you are saying and am ready once I start charging I will have the same issue
Hi dose anyone have a good recipe done with fluff or any marshmallow cream that will not run I live on an island can somebody help please ?
Oh si gracias yo estava hablando de el suspiro hecho con la crema de Marshmellow fluff porque alguna gente no le gusta que you use la clara de wuevos frescos a mi me qusta asi pero algunas amistades mia no lo quiere
Primero disculpen mi espanol bueno yo trate de acer el frosting con crema de fluff de masrhmellow una receta que encontre en el internet porque alguna gente no le gusta el ithalian buttercream con los wuevos pero asi lo aceptan yo hago bizcocho como recreamiento ahora pero pronto quiero hacer mi negocio bueno hice el frosting como decia la receta pero se bajaba note otra receta que llebava limon y otra crema tartar sera esa la differencia porque la receta que yo hice no lo...
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