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No problem, any time! I hope everything goes well for your big day! ~Via
White chocolate ganache would be very pretty good Wedding cake, and pretty simple too. There are recipes everywhere for it. Something else simply and different, but not something I have tried, it's to mix an instant pudding pack with whip cream. You can use any flavor you can find in pudding mix and it can be fairly inexpensive. Good luck and congratulations!
Thanks...I am not sure what went wrong then but my batter did not make it. My cupcakes did not rise and even were over cooked on the bottom...maybe is it the type cupcake it was? Either way the color was wrong so all is well...I shall just chalk this one up to experience! Thanks again. Via
I am making cupcakes for my sisters wedding this weekend. I have been making them a head of time and freezing them since her wedding in a 3 hour drive and I did not want to bake 200 cupcakes the day before our trip.   Today however I was making a batch, and after I got the batter ready I went to line the cupcake pans and I am out of liners! I have some, but they are not the right colors so I can not use them. We are going to the store later and I can pick some up...
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