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I would just dust with a large fluffy brush, if its too intense mix with corn flour first to dilute it down especially if the cake is white/ivory underneath
Hahaha oh dear, least next time you will ask even though it wasn't your fault. Can't believe the crayon though OMG!
Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm from Wigan and I make cakes as a hobby just for family and friends and don't usually charge, if they are wanting something huge il usually take a contribution they offer, or get them to get the ingredients but its all fun for me if I've got the time so I don't mind and I don't have the pressure of it not being perfect. Nothing major planned cake wise this summer, just got to do a Nicki Minaj/Barbie themed cake at some point before...
Crimping tool?
No ideas but personally I think a cake that could be easily used for another purpose may be more popular. So using the organisations colours may be best. At the end of the day someone may want to pay more for a cake that they can then use as a friends bday cake for example
It was for a Christian church. They along with the local primary school were exploring Christianity and the different style of churches around the world. It was all based on a swallow and its migration south for winter. They gave me free reign basically, just said approx how many they would want to feed and they wanted a cake designed on that theme. Love the colours and design in your cake Brettley
Posted a picture on a "How do I?" Thread but I was working on this bottom square 12" is vanilla with vanilla buttercream and raspberry, as is the 10" circle and 5" round. The ball is a chocolate Madeira filled with ganache. The church is made completely out of gumpaste and is 4" by 5 inch at the base and i can't remember height
Say something on the lines of " You need to just speak to one person (him) so your wires don't get crossed and there's no confusion" meaning on your part
My lesser half supports me, especially if I make him something too haha
Sounds like your going to have your hands full
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