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Wow thanks so much Evoir! That helps a lot. I currently "manage" my father's small business so I have taken all of the descriptd counts into consideration- thank you! I will have to get in contact with my shire council before doing anything then!! I'm in VIC so things may be a bit different to NSW. Thanks again for your help, Claire xx
Thanks Bec005 are you from Australia too? I will have to call up my country town shire and see what they're able to do for me- id like to start doing this ASAP. Thank you for your suggestions I have plenty of computer programs and are quite handy with them too so I'm sure that won't be too much of a hassle. I was thinking around $2.50 a cupcake too! Thanks so much Claire x
I am from Australia and love home baking- but I can't keep eating ALL the cupcakes I bake because I'll give myself a heart attack! What do you have to do to be able to bake and sell cupcakes? And what sort of pricing would be suitable? Thanks in advance! Claire x
Thank you remnant3333! The packet describes "vegetable shortening" so I assumed that it was acceptable but yes I checked the ingredients and it is mostly made up of coconut oil (which isn't a vegetable, anyway!) I am really hoping somebody on here can answer my question, I'm really keen to get baking! X
I'm a home baker from Australia and do not have access to soft vegetable shortening like crisco, there is only one kind I've come across called copha and it comes in a solid block. I have no idea if this shortening will work for buttercream frosting as it is hard. Is there any way I can soften it and make it work? Or are there any other products on the Australian market that could suffice? Thanks in advance!! Claire x
Oh! I think it might be something I see a lot in supermarkets and wonder what it is- copha? Thank you for bringing me to an understanding! I can't wait to try this out, I appreciate it a lot! I'll let you know how it goes thank you from Australia!
Also, whenever I make it, It stays a great consistency to pipe with, then afterwards it goes rock hard, without even being in the refrigerator.
Thank you both! I'm presuming you are from the US, I'm from south-west Australia so I use different measurements but I googled it and worked out the ratios! What is shortening? I have never heard of it over here, that may be my problem. Do you know if it's called something different over here? TIA!
I am a novice home baker and I am in need of a foolproof buttercream frosting. I have tried multiple recipes off the Internet but none of them have turned out the way the do in stores! They've been hard, slimy, buttery texture, etc even with room temp unsalted butter. Please share your recipes/tips/tricks to produce the perfect buttercream frosting, TIA!
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