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I love the Pettinice. Especially the price $40 for 15lbs at Restaurant Depot.
it's a little slice of heaven in my
You just need to make a small batch to know. I would not compare it to whipped cream if thats what you mean. It is a very smooth creamy taste and feel but heaveier that whipped cream. It is just wonderful.
Well I don't have time to reread all of that.. It's not so much a matter of whether it is "nice" or not. The issue is that undercutting devalues the market of the very industry that we (a lot of us) are trying to make a living in. If I want to be a car mechanic because car mechanics make x amount of dollars per year, but I go in offering the same service for X-3 per year..then why would anyone want to pay X anymore? I have just set a new, lower standard for my industry....
I was doing it in 2 separate bowls then I had a duh moment. Went to the one bowl system. It's going to be interesting when we get to parts at school that I am accustomed to doing one way and they want me to do it another. Habits are hard to break
Double huh?
I'll bet she was thrilled. It's a beautiful cake! I'd punch the MC in the
until I get my hands on it! lol
Hi...For my double boiler I just use a saucepan andte bowl straight from my mixer. As long as there are no dents or dings in either it seals every time and I always reach my desired temp..
Yes I remember her too. Sweet lady. I heard she took the advice she got here, changed her website and her way of thinking. She is doing very well and able to do giveaways. Even added another aspect to the business from the advice she got here. The advice you get will not be sugar coated. That does not mean that it is not valid. Take the good and leave the rest. If you do what these ladies tell you then you will succeed. I was always told "if you want o be skinny, do what...
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