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I suggest posting the method you used to get that number. Nobody can tell you what to charge...but they can tell you HOW to figure your prices. You can also search around the forums to learn more about how pricing is done
Never heard of read it wasn't a 1:1 ratio, so I'll have to look at that. When I used that kind of buttercream I used a 1:1 ratio and it didn't have any problems at all
I have noticed this too...I thought maybe I wasnt remembering things correctly. It happens almost every single time I read a similar thread to this one
As sad as it is, I have NO problem believing people could be that nasty and tell you that. I've recently had a taste of that. It's so ridiculous how mean people can be. Try to ignore them, because there really is some good advice in this thread . 4 those 4 nasties there are 10 people here who want to help
I use a paint speckle (basically a bench scraper) tool. Nice and tall. I also use an engineers square sometimes. I mean I have a bunch of tools. I bought that wilton took too I was really excited. Same problems for me as mentioned above.
If you have a harbor freight near you they have a wonderful table top air compressor. It has a variable pressure you can go up to 60 psi. But I would not recommend going above 30 psi. I believe the set is about $80, It comes with a gun, but I have since upgraded to a better gun. It's actually in my opinion better than some of the ones that are geared towards cake decorating and it's cheaper
Ohhhhhhhhhh lol ok ok ok ok lol. You probably don't need a center dowel through all the cakes, but it definitely won't hurt and if it will give you peace of mind it's worth it
I would stack up to 4" in the extended tier and put dowels in it, go ahead with your idea of using smaller cardboard round They way I'm reading is that you would be stacking the whole thing as a normal cake right? So no dowels in the extended tier except the long one that goes all the way through? I wouldn't do that
I totally get and agree with what you guys say. But honestly I don't waste time anymore because what are the chances someone who is currently selling is going to stop? I just see too many people say "well someone is buying it" and I don't have the energy to fight it
This. Letting her push up the day AND come early would have NEVER flied with me. I would have told her I have nothing to give you come at the scheduled time. I may have allowed the day change if it was a true emergency.
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