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? Unless I've missed so something huge you definitely don't. Make it clear that it's not your picture, you just like flowers and want to know how they are done. I think you need the rights to say it's yours. I haven't heard anything that says you need the rights to post a picture asking for help
I missed that part, sorry!!
The health department has no jurisdiction on your operation as long as you do not use commercial equipment, and make less than 20,000 less a year from said operation
I really doubt that pasteurized egg whites are your problem. I use them and make imbc all the time I've only had one problem and that was user error, Try wiping out your bowl and whisk with vinegar to make sure the bowl is COMPLETELY FREE of oil and grease or whatever.
@mcaulir that's EXACTLY why I don't publish a price by the serving!
I would try either super gold, or old gold. I'm not sure though. Definitely not kings gold or Aztec gold
Not sure how familiar you are with those products, but most of that is not edible material. Meaning, you could use it on pieces that will be moved from the cake.
I can't really help in terms of which one is best. But when you are mixing the dust the number two top choices are vodka or lemon extract. I use lemon extract cause I just always have it. I believe she mentions the gold in this tutorial...??... Not sure. But this is how I would go about it. I'm pretty sure she mentions it though lol
That's probably it lol. I have the AC blowing here and it was fine
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