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If you're on this thread and new to baking for business, OR, just want to get your operation together I recommend both of Mimi's Books . It really helped me to get organized in my operation!
You need to get familiar with the laws of your state and county. That will tell you what is necessary for your home based business
I honestly guys have had amazing results with a meringue buttercream. Withstands handling well, I can really work it and smooth it when it's chilled. Although I suspect any all butter bc would work honestly
Oh no!!! Sorry if I made that unclear. I should have said when I did that style of cake. So sorry!!
For 3 6" cakes I would use about 4 dowels in each of the bottom two cake, I tend to be on the side of using more than I probably need. I would definitely say the dowels were your problem you need dowels anytime you are stacking more than 4" of cake no matter what the size. winniemog gave you an awesome reply that's more in depth
When you say one you mean you use one or two for the WHOLE cake? If so that's the problem. There should be 5-7 dowels in EACH tier.
My guess would be they used a machine of that kind. I GUESS you coukd use an exacto knife and a paper template on top of black gumpaste? I'm not sure how precise that would be though. When I did this I used my silhouette cameo machine.
The first blossom on their tree!! Lmao winniemog that was hilarious
You can do it like this. However not sure where you are, in our grocery store believe it or not the candy thermometers are cheaper than the carton egg whites
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