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Another one who gave up on that super sharp edge business. At this point I just want smooth nice looking fondant. I tried ganache under a cake and it was ok. Didn't change my life by any means.
Cat, wishing you better days ahead. After my horrible week last week I was wise and only took one cake. It's for a baby shower, here's in progress as I was stacking. First time using bubble tea straws! Love them!
There's a video of krazy kool cakes on YouTube doing it that way too...everybody has a way. None of them wrong really. As long as it works you know
I have used it all!!! My favorite BY FAR are these bubble tea straws. I still use SPS sometimes cause I just do lol. I first started using poly dowels. I, though, don't pull out one and cut all the same height. Never have...and never had a disaster..maybe I'm lucky? The one time I did that it was off and made my cake slightly tilt. Most of my cakes in the gallery are done that way.
I have dreams of cakes falling down in transit. It haunts me :/.
Americolor- Navy Blue
Thank you! The cry did help lol. I have a very bad habit of wanting the money so I say yes when I should say no. Lesson learned for sure!
Stress has gotten to me this week. I had a teary meltdown this weekend lol. But here's one of my 3 cakes. Small wedding cake 5/7/9 I bought the sunflowers from our very own Kara Buntin!! (costumeczar). HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! The flowers got so many compliments
Airbrush sky blue. That's how it's darker in some spots.
Woohoo!!! I was starting to think I was by myself!! This at least reaffirms I'm not crazy lol.
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