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Those look like French macarons to me. Not chocolate covered Oreos, but I suppose you could have done it that way. Also, cream cheese buttercream is a no go under fondant. Better to fill it with cream cheese and then just Ice with vanilla . As far as price I can say I would be well over $200 after adding (making those feathers) and the mask, and then the cost of those Oreos/macarons. So I think that person just can't afford a custom cake, and that's OK. They aren't...
I don't know off hand, sorry . I would have to look at the invoice. I am in Houston though and high quality cocoa goes for much more than thst. So to me, it's a good deal
I use it exclusively. It's my absolute favorite.
I really like their navy, but I know what you mean. I have actually started using their royal blue but just more of it. It seems to work. In a punch I mix electric blue and black in a paint palette then add it with a tooth pick to my fondant
I have thumbtack and I've booked about 7 weddings off of there. I don't mind paying for the leads, but I am very selective about what I reply to. I figure the 3.33 I pay is equivalent to whatever advertising or anything like that I would pay.
Yes. It's this simple. This is the way to do it . Great advice
No. It wont. You can always take any buttercream recipe and sub all butter for the shortening.
Lovely cakes as always!!!!! Every week I'm amazed st the talent. It's a bit blurry but here is what I'm currently working on. A 25th birthday cake!
When you use SMBC under fondant you absoluteky must stick it in the fridge to harden it. All my cakes except one have been covered in a meringue buttercream and I never had any problems with sagging or anything, As far as storebought frosting I'm not sure hit csn think of no reason why it wouldn't. Just roll it thin and make sure the cake is chilled before you cover it so that you csn really press and smooth
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